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2021 People Management Report

Paul Krause
Sep 7, 2021 2:10:58 PM

The No. 1 skill employees feel their manager lacks is communication.

Predictive Index (PI) presented respondents with a list of common managerial skills and asked them to select three their managers lacked. They chose: “Effective communicator” (18%), “Drives team morale” (17%), and, “Asks for feedback” (17%).


When PI compares this year’s results with the results from its last People Management Report,  communication has shot up four spots on the list, from number five to number one.

Have managers gotten worse at communicating over the past two years? It’s possible. More likely, though, forced remote and hybrid work has opened employees’ eyes to the need for clear communication and information sharing. Remote employees often feel “out of the loop,” and the problem only gets worse when some team members are working from the office.

The lack of communication is even more pronounced among respondents with burned-out managers.

Next, PI examined these most lacking skills across two groups: employees with burned-out managers, and those without.

Of the employees whose managers are not burned-out, only 12% cited “Effective communicator” as a skill their manager lacks. That percentage jumped to 25% among employees with a burned-out manager.


Good communication takes effort. It’s hard work. And when managers are running on empty, they don’t have the energy to do things like tailoring their natural communication style to meet each employee’s preferences.

To review more findings, and access the full report, provided by Predictive Index, click here.


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