Whether they are called your ‘12th man’ or they inhabit the “Tar Pit”, “the Swamp” or “Block O”, your fans bring energy and enthusiasm to your athletic programs. It is vitally important to understand their priorities and preferences to deliver memorable experiences that foster fan loyalty and brand engagement.


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Game Day Experience Survey

Game Day Experience Surveys provide your team with a detailed analysis every touchpoint of the game-day experience, from buying tickets to purchasing concessions to leaving campus.

Our survey tools bring “the voice of your fan” into your leadership team’s discussion on how to improve fan experience and engagement. You’ll receive insightful reports to make impactful decisions to improve the Game Day Experience.

Our survey services begin at just $1,500, including survey design, question selection, distribution to 5,000 respondents and analysis. Our Game Day Experience report will provide actionable insights for your team to improve fan experience in the off-season.